Here are the rules. The fanlisting is mostly open to everyone, but please go over them just in case:

  • You MUST BE A FAN or like their relationship (or some aspect of it).

  • You MUST provide your NAME. Of course, it doesn't have to be your real name. Anything will do as long as it does not include any special characters ('-', '~', etc.) and so on. I will remove these before posting.

  • You MUST provide a WORKING E-MAIL ADDRESS and a legitemate COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE. Websites are optional.

  • If you do own a website, please submit your REAL URL and I will add this to your information.

  • If you are a webmaster, please LINK BACK to the fanlisting with a graphic/text link to show your support.

  • Please KEEP ME UP TO DATE with your information. If any of your member info changes, please let me know through the update page in JOIN and I will change your information immediately.

OK! Now you're all set. Thanks for going through the rules and make sure to join the fanlisting via the JOIN form or grab a CODE for your website.

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