First a few words of thanks...
I am not as big in playing video games as I am in drawing, but the first time I saw FFVII: Advent Children, I just knew that I fell in love with the story of Cloud, Tifa, Denzel and Marlene.
I spent the rest of that day researching and finding out as much information about them as I could, when I reached this fanlisting. I learned about everything here and much more. A few months later I could hardly believe it when I found out that the fanlisting was up for adoption! I was even more surprised when I found out that the previous owner agreed to give me the priviledge to adopt it. Thank you so much, Stacie Anne, for allowing me to carry on what you started.

So why make a fanlisting for these four?
I can't put it in better words than the founder of the fanlisting itself:

"I am not one for relationship fanlistings or fansites, never mind those for relationships with an all-out list of participants. But I love these four and the relationship they've forged, and after a day of thinking about it non-stop, I decided that bond was worthy of a tribute. As I said on The Fanlisting Network's forum when I first applied, this relationship really is everything I love about these individuals rolled into one, sickeningly sweet package." --Stacie Anne

...and I couldn't agree more. It was this relationship that got me interested in the series and that still holds my attention on the story. I am only so glad that I get to be part of this community that shares this same feeling. Also, it is not hard to see how important the relationship itself is for the plot. It is the struggle and the hardships that the family faces together that make them even more attached to one another.

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