::::Why 7th Heaven?::::
The choice of 7th Heaven as the title of the site should be credited to the site's founder, Stacie Anne. The fanlisting is named so after the bar that Tifa used to manage when back in Midgar's Sector 7. The place served as her home, but also as the headquarters of AVALANCHE, the anti-Shinra group. After the bomb accident that almost wiped out Sector 7, the bar and the headquarters were destroyed.

It was Marlene's idea to call their new bar 7th Heaven, although Tifa did not want to associate her memories of the destruction with her new home. Nonetheless, she understands Marlene's wish to recall the happy moments of their home and goes along with the idea. 7th Heaven becomes the place where Cloud, Tifa, Denzel and Marlene live in as a family and meet with their friends.

It is appropriate that the site serve as the meeting place, or headquarters, of another group of people, but this time for the fans of the family. So many members from all over the world have already shown their support and appreciation of the fanlisting that it really has become such a wonderfully big family. I would have to thank everyone for that, as well as the visitors to the site.

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