Site History

I took over this fanlisting from Stacey Anne at about the same time that I undertook 7th Heaven. After watching Final Fintasy: Advent Children Complete some time ago, I felt that Denzel had an important part in the story but that not many fans of the franchise remember much about him. A friend of mine even asked me why I took over the fanlisting since Denzel is not even in the game. But I have to say that I totally do not feel that way about young Denzel. I think that in some way he is like a new hero that will take after Cloud since he idolizes him so much. :) Thank you Stacie for giving me the opportunity to continue the fanlisting. Here is the site history list:


Under Stacie's Administration, Will was honored with a spotlight by Barbara of The Final Fantasy Shrine Finder (offline) on June 4, 2006. Thanks Barbara. Here is what she had to say:

"I've seen FFVII:AC, but I never realized there was so much more to Denzel before I found this site. Will has a clean, easily navigated layout, and the emphasis here is written content over media (which is where my preferences lie, I must admit). After reading through everything on the site I don't know if I even need to read On The Way To A Smile, because the webmistress has retold the story quite beautifully. Really, everyone should visit this site and see that Denzel is not just 'That One Sick Kid'."